Seas Of Solitude

by Atlas Monkey

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"Seas Of Solitude" is the second studio album by German music project Atlas Monkey.


released April 10, 2019

All songs written, composed and recorded by Atlas Monkey (Leon Kersken)


all rights reserved



Atlas Monkey Cologne, Germany

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Track Name: Suddenly Gone
Awake at nighttime
Lay in your bed
There is no hope for us
Will you be mad?
Where are you going
My special friend
You should believe me
It's not the end

Trapped in a nightmare
You'll be awake
For all eternity
It's just a fake
Why are you leaving
My only friend
Do not believe them
This is the end
Track Name: Disturbia
Sleeping all day and it's working fine
Hiding from problems that aren't mine
Ignoring debates, discussions and interviews
Shielding myself from the latest news

And my day goes on, and on

Politics come across as pretentious and cheap
During talkshows, I tend to fall asleep
Global issues don't bother me at all
Compared to mine, they seem rather small

I... I don't care

Some might say that it's not clever
That I can't avoid reality forever
But I stopped caring long ago, their words mean nothing
So I just shrug and walk away, but deep inside I'm laughing

I'm going home... to sleep some more
Track Name: The Inner Circle
Welcome to a place
Where the colours are all gray
You can spend your time
To contemplate and pray
Come and talk to us
We'll take away your fear
And if you see a light
You'll know why you came here

Welcome to a place
Where the colours are all gray
Track Name: Monkey Face
The look in your face
Tells me more
Than all your words

Orange drops of sweat
And skinny sacks of flesh
Do I see a gray hair?
The wrinkles burn like itches

Get the kitchen knife
And cut my eyeballs out
I must be someone else
Burn the yearbook pictures

I must be someone
Track Name: Existing Is Not Enough
As the dawn breaks
All the dark clouds
Disappear from view
It's true, ooh

I'm gonna pull myself together
And do a leap

Good morning, world, I'm on my way
To go out and face the day
Because I'm high and full of energy
My head
Is ready
To take a dive

Blood is running through my veins
The energy remains
My soul and body burn with ecstasy
I'm floating
And soaring
I feel alive

I will not drown beneath the waves
But grow and reach new heights
The perfect time can only be now
I'm running
I'll set the pace

I can feel my feet transcend
This highway never ends
Will it take me to a different place?
In outer space

The stars shine brighter every minute
And the music never stops
I'm gonna pull myself together
And show the world it's me
Track Name: Seas Of Solitude
Solitude, isolation
Emptiness and desolation
I feel like a stranger to myself
And yet, so familiar
The time has come to finally
Rethink my life
All I was

The moment your heart must surrender
Don't worry, cause you're not alone
A dream where you're floating in heaven
Remaining in a world of your own
You can feel yourself

My visions fade like my memories
Acceptance is all I may find
Returning to my only shelter
All pain is erased from my mind
I can't see my face

Ooooh, Ah, Ah
Ooooh, Ah, Ah
Track Name: False Hope
Ask no questions, believe in the scripture
Say your prayers, embrace the lecture

Conditioned to follow, they've got us under control
Showing no mercy, indoctrinating our soul
Whipping us motionless, forcing the sheep to obey
Bellowing orders, taking our freedom away

Do not give in
Don't let them win

This is the final chance for us to rebel
Escaping this false delusion and breaking the spell
Rejecting the lies and the hate that bring death and despair
When will they stop to pretend, when they really don't care

Will I ever heal? (x2)
Track Name: Banquo's Ghost
Why do these faces come back and haunt me?
How can it be that I must relive these events?
Echoes of my voice attempting to taunt me
They won't let me bleach the red on my trembling hands

And I want to forget
But I will not forget
Oh, and I want to escape

Conscience, will you leave me be?
What's this unsettling light I see
My courage is drifting away from me
Conscience, leave me be

When you can't apologise
And you can't hide the fear in your eyes
Now I just look in the mirror and scream
Darkness, set me free
Track Name: Things I Should Have Told You
We never really talked
Not a single word
I still feel the memories
But the memories hurt
I may have lied to you
Can we just try anew?

And next time I'll be honest
To you, I promise
We may have waited too long
The opportunity is gone
Oh, I can feel the pain
(Can you feel the pain)
I can feel the shame
Track Name: No Life Wasted
They ship us off to war
On a sinking freighter
We go to no man's land
To fight someone else's war

We leave our base in early morning
We will march until it's dark
My feet are cold, my legs are hurting
I am hungry and afraid

They ship us off to war
To defend our country
That we have left behind
Out here we must risk our lives

My ears are filled with sounds of bullets
Bodies falling to the ground
I used to be afraid of dying
Now I'm just afraid to live

They ship us off to war
And the tides keep turning
Even if our troops win
Our people will always lose

I turn my head and see the corpses
They will never fade away
Track Name: Present Day
Is this our time
Is this our time, we ask
They come for us
They come for us

We live our lives
Until the sun turns black
We fall apart
We fall apart together

Our busy minds reflect upon mysteries unsolved
Our world may fall apart
Our world may end today
But after all we can say
At the end of the day
That we are still here
Yes, we still breathe
Track Name: Broken Man
Listen to my story
That I'm about to tell
Back in my days of glory
Before I tripped and fell

The vividness of morning
Had stayed with me all day
But then, without a warning
The sky had turned all gray

The light becoming stranger
And shadows start to fall
The feeling that there's danger
The wish to end it all

As much as you might tremble
For courage you should strive
For if you have to gamble
Don't gamble with your life

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